Inge Aardenburg-Stet

Project Manager

Inge Aardenburg-Stet

‘The team was determined to keep the agreements.’

Quality products

‘We really like ModuPark. First of all, it makes for an excellent parking facility that we can use for the next 4 or 5 years. After that, it will simply move somewhere else, where other people can use it too. The system allows the car park to be used for years and years, and that feels quite good.’

Visible sustainability

‘Sustainability is a major concern here at the Central Government Real Estate Agency, and this project is no exception. ModuPark fits in well with our objectives. Construction is currently underway at the Amsterdam District Court. However, it’s still business as usual, so we have built a temporary court, which also needs a temporary employee car park. It’s quite an undertaking! The investments are justified, but people can be critical nonetheless. This recyclable car park sends a clear signal that we are being thoughtful with funding and materials.’

Team responsibility

‘The collaboration was excellent, which is remarkable since we made a false start. Ballast Nedam’s tender had specified a foundation using piles, but the flood defences on the premises and the ground requirements set by the municipality of Amsterdam meant that piles were a no-go. That caused some headaches at Ballast Nedam, I can tell you! But communication remained open and honest, and there was no complaining. In consultation with our contractor, they found an alternative: building ‘on steel’. A daring but solid approach, and one that I found characteristic of the collaboration in general: the team was determined to meet the agreements. We like that mindset.’