Dieme Ketel

Director of Parking & Mobility Services

Dieme Ketel

‘Ballast Nedam actively took responsibility.’

On the same page

‘Amsterdam Airport Schiphol had been wanting to improve its parking experience for some time, to ensure a pleasant journey right from the very start. P3 was designed to deliver just that: undercover parking right beside the bus stop, to get you to the airport in no time. Ballast Nedam realised the importance of comfort, and designed a very large car park with well-considered traffic flows that allowed travellers to easily find their way and a parking space. We were on the same page right from the start.’

Team spirit

‘The opening date was fixed before we got started, and travellers were able to reserve a space 6 months in advance. That put pressure on completion, and we had high expectations of one another. Luckily, that proved justified – the Ballast Nedam team members worked with us side-by-side, there was a real feeling of team spirit. They were also solution-oriented. They took action first and sorted out the formalities later, an attitude that is hard to find these days. We all did our utmost to reach the deadline together, which made for very smooth collaboration.’

Efficient organisation

‘Ballast Nedam took a pro-active approach to coordination, which was greatly appreciated. Tasks, roles, responsibilities – they made sure there could be no misunderstandings, resulting in immediate, clear decision-making and efficient management. And from the very start we worked decisively towards the final result, monitoring quality using system-based contract management. The associated audits were a mere formality, everything was always in order. Our transparent collaboration meant that risk management in practice was already fully optimised, and the final result held no surprises: everything was exactly as agreed, and completed right on time.’