Cees van der Zande

Cees van der Zande

‘After us, this car park will be given a new lease on life. We’ve actually already met the new owner.’

Perfect fit

‘We had more options than we thought. At first we envisaged one huge, level car park. But the ModuPark® modular system meant we could go multi-level, with plenty of customisable options such as the size, the exact location and shape, and various finishings. We could mould the car park to suit our needs perfectly, which helped us ensure a nice view from the children’s rehabilitation ward, for instance. Because here, the needs of our patients always come first.’

A recycling dream

‘The great thing is that when we no longer need this car park, it will simply move somewhere else. It can be fully disassembled and all the components will last for years to come. As such, we concluded repurchasing agreements straight away. That was the deciding factor for us, not only from a financial perspective, but also as a contribution to recycling and the environment. The future owner has even already visited us to look at the car park. It just feels right.’

Efficient processes

‘The entire car park was ready in just four months. It sounded ambitious but proved realistic, a testament to effective organisation and thorough preparation. Precise purchasing, just-in-time delivery and efficient logistics combined with open and transparent communication meant that inconvenience was kept to a minimum: all the big materials shipments went practically unnoticed. The car park was finished before we knew it.’