Bruno Koch and Theo van Rijn

Facility Management

Bruno Koch and Theo van Rijn

‘There was no client-contractor relationship. We were one team, working towards the same goal.’

Striking design

'A car park may seem straightforward, but in fact there’s a lot involved. In our case that meant a lot of stakeholders: local residents, NS (Dutch Railways), ProRail, the municipal council, the building aesthetics committee, the water authority – we wanted to take everybody’s views into account. So we collated them all together, and drew up a meticulous schedule of requirements. Only a handful of construction firms were up to the job. In addition to their good reputation, we chose Ballast Nedam because of their sample design: simple and efficient on the inside, but striking on the outside. We thought: this could be just what our stakeholders need.’

Building on good understanding

‘Lots depended on the design phase, which was subject to strict procedures: only the architect was allowed to talk to the building aesthetics committee, for example. After meeting with Ballast Nedam, we and the technical designer went along as passive observers. It worked tremendously, allowing us to change tack quickly, generating good mutual understanding and speeding up the process. What also helped was the fact that Ballast Nedam was fully involved in the communication with local residents. They attended our information evening, for example, and engaged in dialogue with stakeholders. It really took a load off our minds.’

Close collaboration

‘From the director to the assistants, Ballast Nedam was fully engaged, which we really appreciated. We were in touch nearly every week to talk about the latest developments and see whether things were moving in the right direction. We worked together, as one team. The close collaboration was also evident in the dealings with sub-contractors. There are a dozen of them before you know it, for things like the stairs, building systems, plants, etc. Ballast Nedam also organised LEAN sessions, when all the sub-contractors coordinated their activities with one another. It worked perfectly. With us, too, there were careful coordination efforts. We were very happy with all aspects of the cooperation.’