Smart Parking P3

Sophisticated design for hassle-free parking

Many travellers dread having to park at the airport. Parking tends to be far away, it can be difficult to find a spot, and you have to haul your luggage all the way to the terminal. Schiphol wants to make things efficient and comfortable for travellers. That is why they have streamlined all their processes, including security – and parking. Parking needed to be quick and hassle-free. Those were the key principles behind the design of the new P3 car park.


We designed a massive car park for 2,654 cars, with intelligent routing so that you can easily find your way. One-way, counter clockwise traffic and no ramp, but spirals going up to the next level. We chose a column-free span to maintain clear sight lines. This helps ensure public safety space and helps drivers work out where they are. The main staircase helps with this too: it is a yellow beacon that you can see immediately, wherever you are. All in all, a highly efficient car park.


The cooperation went off without a hitch. To develop the final design, we spent two days a week in an office at Schiphol. The short lines of communication made it easy to ensure we were on the same page. Schiphol works with a range of subcontractors and hired us for the coordination. We worked together as a single team, following the LEAN methodology. Everyone took responsibility for doing their own work on time, and for the impact of their work on others. This commitment resulted in an efficient cooperative process, with the work being completed to a very high standard of quality.


The building is virtually identical to the initial design. The functional design with its high-quality finish has also turned out to work very well in practice. P3 is always bustling. Even when it is very busy, drivers can be on the shuttle bus in no more than seven minutes, their vacation off to a relaxed start with no stress.

Facts and figures

2,654 parking spaces
5 above-ground parking levels
Location: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Client: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Contract type: Design & Construct



Project Information

Project Phase: completed

Construction Time: 2014 - 2016