Deutersestraat Transferium

Cooperating efficiently to achieve the greenest transferium ever

The municipality of ’s Hertogenbosch is working to reduce car traffic in the city centre. This is why multiple transferiums – park and ride facilities with good connections to public transport – are being built at the edge of the historic city centre. One of these is the Deutersestraat Transferium, intended for visitors to the city centre and the nearby Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBZ). We cooperated with the municipality intensively and according to lean principles during this ambitious project.


The municipality asked us to develop the most beautiful and green transferium in the Netherlands, with the least amount of nuisance to surrounding residents. The infrastructure around the site, including an intersection, roundabout and additional bicycle tunnels, needed to be addressed as well. This is because traffic participants of all stripes will need to make use of this new hub: visitors to the hospital, shoppers, cyclists and hikers on their way to the nearby De Gement nature area.


Cooperation was the key. Heijmans focused on the infrastructure. We took care of the parking facility, and asked nature conservation organisations to help us come up with ideas. The result is a well-considered and fantastically green design, with plenty of space for cyclists. The roof is completely covered in solar panels, which generate more than enough electricity to charge electric bicycles, cars and even buses. We are collecting rainwater and have clad the entire façade in living plants. We have even installed bee hotels and birdhouses using timber from the trees that were felled.


Sights were set high in every aspect, even regarding the work process itself. After all, ambulances passing on their way to the neighbouring hospital cannot afford even a moment’s delay. A traffic bottleneck at the nearby ring road was equally unthinkable. Luckily, this is where our experience with chain collaboration came in handy. We coordinated the work carried out by all partners according to the lean principle. In this way, we were able to ensure efficient progress without getting in one another’s (or anyone else’s) way.


The transferium boasts excellent accessibility, even at peak times. Car and bicycle traffic flows are kept separate to prevent delays and ensure safety. Strolling along watercourses called wadis and a ‘nature experience path’, pedestrians are directed past the green façade. In time, the façade will be completely overgrown and the building will disappear into the landscape. This symbolises all the ecological measures that have been incorporated into the building as a means for us to realise our sustainability goals.


1,100 parking spaces for cars and 240 for bicycles
Ground floor + three storeys
1,500 solar panels generate 450,000 KwH, half of this is used on-site and half is stored in batteries
Includes construction and improvement of arterial roads, roundabout and new and existing bicycle tunnels
Client: Municipality of ’s Hertogenbosch
Contract form: Design & Construct




  • above-ground carpark
Project Information

Project Phase: completed

Construction Time: 2017 - 2018

Function category: above-ground car park