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How can we assist you?
We have a solution for every parking wish, whether above ground or underground, permanent or temporary, small or large, or in a ‘tricky’ location. Car parks with the ultimate parking experience, or ‘quick and dirty’. Ideally, we like to be involved in the development process from the very beginning. But we can also realise your own design, or give an existing car park a new lease on life. We are specialists in everything and anything to do with parking.

The preparatory phase

Do you anticipate a problem that might be solved by increased or more efficient parking capacity? Our experienced experts are keen to work with you to develop an appropriate solution. We will analyse your query and identify those factors that are critical for success, such as parking capacity, access to the location and parking routes, or user-friendliness and aesthetic requirements. We will recommend a suitable solution and work with you to flesh it out into a concrete plan, including a budget. Finally, we will help you to finalise the business case: what occupancy rate should you expect; what rates can you charge? Using the benchmark data from Vexpan and PNNL, we guarantee that we can provide you with realistic advice.

Developing the plan in greater detail

We will do all the maths involved in the rough plan, and develop it in detail. Our engineers will look into which construction and implementation approaches are most suited to the requirements: is it watertight, fireproof, safe, sustainable? We will look at the technical aspects, any inconvenience caused by the construction process, and think about the required permits at an early stage, so that the construction phase will go smoothly. We will do a feasibility study and, where necessary, suggest alternative options. Naturally, we will develop detailed 3D visualisations for the design, using BIM (Building Information Modeling) if required.


We will make the parking garage you want into a reality and ensure that it is fully operational upon delivery. We ensure both sound construction and a faultless implementation – with thorough planning and excellent coordination with all the parties involved, while keeping the inconvenience to the surroundings to a minimum. In doing so, we like to work closely with you and keep you fully up-to-date on a constant basis.

Management and operation

It works best to have construction and management undertaken by the same party. That is why we are happy to take care of both for you. But even if we were not the ones to build the car park, we will gladly take care of the management and maintenance for you. If you want, we will even take over the operation of the facility, so you are freed from all responsibility.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to work with you to develop the appropriate solution for you.
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