Specialists through and through

We know everything there is to know about parking. And there are not a lot of people who can say that. A car park seems straightforward enough, but in fact they take a great deal of expertise and forethought. Traffic safety, public safety, natural wayfinding and practical efficiency – these are just a few of the considerations involved. And then there are the different users with their different habits. Building a good car park is an art in and of itself. And it is one we have down to a T.

From A to Z

You don’t build a car park every day. We actually do, however, and we know a great deal about it. We know which constructions are the strongest, the most sustainable and the most affordable. We know what users most prefer, and we are familiar with the materials and construction methods available. We incorporate all that expertise and experience into our advice. We can help you with the brainstorming and development stage, the engineering, the implementation or with the management and operation of the finished project. Our experts are there for you throughout the entire process. The more the different parts of the project are the responsibility of the same organisation, the more efficient the end result will be. For example, this enables us to take the required permits into account at an early stage, ensure you will remain flexible in the future and make arrangements for parking management straight away. We are the one stop shop that ensures everything is taken care of.

Something for everyone

Did you know that residents have different parking habits compared to shoppers? The former group knows the way, routinely parks in the same spot and needs less space. Shoppers, on the other hand, do not yet know their way around the car park and prefer slightly bigger parking spaces. Each target group has their own requirements. In park-and-ride facilities, you mainly want to feel safe and trust that you are leaving your car behind in a safe place. Commuters like to park in a fixed spot, and visitors to a hospital dislike additional stress and want to be able to find a spot easily. A good car park takes all these factors into account.

Guaranteed quality

Our engineering and implementation are both top-notch. For example, the cofferdam is guaranteed to be watertight, even ten years from now. We are also excellent at dealing with complicated locations. Is the location difficult to get to, is there limited space to work, or are there restrictions imposed by the surroundings? We will take it into account in our planning. We work with fixed partners in the supply chain that we know we can rely on. Together, we deliver top quality. This way, you can be sure that the car park is pleasant to use, now and in the future. Users can find their way instinctively, have an easy time pulling into their spot, and will not hit any columns with their doors. They can see the space at a glance and feel safe and secure.